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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Gypsy George & The Open Road Love Affair

Genre: Folk

Junkies' Description:

George Mihalopoulos, aka Gypsy George, is a Greek American folk musician. He and his band, The Open Road Love Affair, have a joyful, lighthearted sound that would be a good soundtrack for your next road trip. We like George’s motto, ‘if ya played with us once, you're a lifetime member!’ Those members play quite a few instruments including a violin, cello, banjo, harmonica, marimba, clarinet, and more. Elvis Costello fans will definitely enjoy the music that George is composing. On a side note, the cover for his album, Loneliest Man In New York, puts a big smile on our faces. You’re supposed to be looking at the couple, but instead, we just can’t help but stare at George because it looked like he rolled his ankle right when the photo was taken. But I doubt a hurt leg would stop him during a show.

Album: Loneliest Man In New York




Official Bio:

Gypsy George & the Open Road Love Affair attempt to take the mood, sounds, air of a random road trip and recreate it though music. Based around multi-instrumentalist Gypsy George and a revolving door of musicians from all different walks of life, the band's motto is, 'if ya played with us once, you're a lifetime member!'


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