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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mix Tape: Sunny Drive Vol.03 <---- Click That Link To Listen

Sunny Drive: A mix for road trips and adventures on a bright clear day.
Pack up the car, van, or bus and burn yourself a copy of Sunny Drive. There’s nothing but good vibes here.
Monday, September 26, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Political Heresy

Genre: Post Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental

Junkies' Description:
Political Heresy is masterminded solely by Dez Futurez (as he’s known by his alias). As you can guess by the band name, many of the songs focus on Dez’s view of America and the world’s problems and his ideas for solutions. Overall, Political Heresy falls in some sort of hybrid post grunge rock genre, but that’s about as close to a genre this music will come. That’s because Dez seems to dabble in every genre here and there whether it’s psychedelic, hard rock, jam, electronic, experimental, and whatever else he feels like messing with. One thing that makes this music so unique is that it’s riddled with layers. You’ll pick up on a different instrument that you overlooked every time you listen to one of his songs again. Dez’s voice resembles that of Layne Staley of Alice In Chains, but of course he puts his own unique spin on Staley’s style. We had a chance to meet Dez at a small music festival, and it’s apparent for his love for music. Hell, it should be obvious when he releases three LPs in one year. He also has a knack for marketing and digital designing. Take a look at his multicolored trippy album art sometime, it’s...well, a trip. Also, Dez is working on an electronic alter ego, DJ Futureztek, so keep an ear out for that too.

Album: Indigo Wild Child


Album: Work, Buy, Consume, Die


Album: I Am Political Heresy




Official Bio:

A musical mission. What's it genre or style? Every style and genre, The board is totally open and free. What is it all about? My lyrics are my manifesto, that is Political Heresy. Overcoming the division of society by race, sex, religion, politcal party, and any other way that we are divided. Why? To be Controlled, to be seperated, and to conquer those that hopelessly believe they are free; The most enslaved members of society.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artist Spotlight Update: Jenova 7's new album

CLICK HERE to view Jenova 7's full artist spotlight profile.

Album: Dusted Jazz Volume One

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mix Tape: Night Cruise Vol. 03

CLICK HERE to hear our third night cruise mix. It compliments the mysterious atmosphere of the night. All of the songs are mostly downtempo, empty, and perfect for a dark drive. Listen to this mix while driving home from a concert or party, or just sitting on the back deck late at night to unwind.
Monday, September 19, 2011

Artist Spotlight: M-Theory

Genre: Electronic, Dubstep, Drum & Bass

Junkies' Description:
Dubstep is quickly grabbing the attention of the music world. With that being said, let me introduce to you M-Theory. This electronic duo from Lithuania is producing some Grade A beats. We happened to run across their song “I’ve Got” on a mixtape on 8tracks, and we couldn’t quit listening to it. The synthesized guitar and manipulated bass just get stuck in your head. M-Theory also has a drum & bass personality that comes through in their remixes. They’ve tackled songs from Snoop Dogg, Cover Drive, and more. With the heart shaking masterpieces they keep cranking out, they will easily rise to the ranks of other electronic producers such as Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, and Skrillex.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Romeo Spike

Genre: Alternative Rock

Junkies' Description:
Romeo Spike is an alternative rock band with a refined, polished sound, partly due to singer Mike Kunz’s smooth vocals and Rhodes electric piano paired with Donn Aaron's guitar and pedal steel. Their clean sound is not simply studio manipulation; we have witnessed them live, and they blew us away. They really are that tight of a band. You will hear bluesy riffs, spacey sounds, and tranquil slide in their music. This may not be the usual mix, but we think it should be. Most of Romeo Spike's songs are calm and relaxing, but there are some amazing upbeat ones, too, like “Spaceman”. Their songwriting is just as impressive as their technical skill and stage presence. “It’s all about the song,” Kunz says. “Songwriting is this weird form of magic where if you happen to be in the right headspace, you just have to play one note and listen for all the music that is already there.” Aaron likens his approach to songwriting to "Tarot Card reading, or playing with a Ouija Board. I find this whole thing to be a fragile mystery, and I leave it at that.”

Album: For The Cause

For the Cause - Romeo Spike


Official Bio:

Brought together through mutual friends in 2006, Mike Kunz (then living in Chicago) and Donn Aaron (Atlanta) began with a weekly songwriting challenge designed to trigger each other’s creativity. Each Saturday night they emailed each other a new song, staying up late into the night reworking them over the phone. The band materialized almost by accident as the pair quickly realized their chemistry had a life of it’s own.

They soon ditched the songwriting competition, and drawing on their diverse influences ranging from Elton John to Daniel Lanois, and Kiss to Radiohead, began work on the full length album “For the Cause.” A majority of the record was recorded partially in Chicago and partially in Atlanta as the two sent tracks back and forth across the internet. After several short trips South during the recording of the album, Kunz moved to Atlanta to make Romeo Spike a full time realization. During production of “For the Cause,” the pair caught the attention of Grammy award winner, and long time Elton John mix engineer/producer Matt Still who produced, mixed and provided back-up vocals on almost half the album.

Romeo Spike’s refined rock is led by Kunz’s vocals and Rhodes electric piano, and Aaron’s guitar and pedal steel (which has been described as “playing lightning”). Skyler Ross from Atlanta joined as bassist in mid 2009. In addition to being an accomplished instrumentalist, Sky also sings backing vocals and is a songwriting contributor to the band. Sky grew up with performance in his blood as both of his parents were Broadway performers. The newest member of Romeo Spike is drummer, Owen Liversidge from Glastonbury, England, who came aboard in October 2010. Owen has a modern, dance/pop approach and injects a British flair into Romeo Spike’s rhythm section. He creates a blend of acoustic rock drumming and electronics that are essential to the Romeo Spike sound. As a former frontman/singer for his own band, Owen is integral to the songwriting team and adds a fourth harmony to the group.

Uniquely, three of Romeo Spike’s four members have been lead singers in former bands. Another main strength of the band is found in the accomplished guitarmanship of both Kunz and Aaron. As a teen, Aaron was featured in both “Guitar Player” and “Guitar World” magazines. In 1991, he was the lead guitarist and co-songwriter for the group “Mary My Hope”. He recorded guitar with Ludacris on a track that was featured in the Martin Lawrence motion picture “National Security.” In November 2005, Aaron’s solo album “Unfinished Symphonies” was chosen by Performing Songwriter magazine as one of their “Top 12 Independent DIY Releases.” Aaron’s role in the mastering side of music production in the last several years has allowed him to work with over 10,000 records, with hundreds reaching multi-platinum, platinum or gold sales awards from the RIAA.

No matter how slick and finessed their productions can become, “It’s all about the song,” Kunz says. “Songwriting is this weird form of magic where if you happen to be in the right headspace, you just have to play one note and listen for all the music that is already there.” Aaron describes his approach to songwriting as an exploration in complete mystery: “I liken it toTarot Card reading, or playing with a Ouija Board. I find this whole thing to be a fragile mystery, and I leave it at that.”
Saturday, September 17, 2011

Free Music Page Updated

We've updated our free music page, so come load up your itunes for free...legally.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Mix Tape: The Music Junkies Mix: Volume 10
Thursday, September 15, 2011

The 3rd Free Promo Mix Has Been Released - Junkie Wonderland



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Music Junkies Upgrade is HERE!!!

~ What's New With the Junkies ~

Our main goal starting now is to have daily content whether it's a mix, album pick, free music link, artist spotlight, or whatever else is interesting in the world of music.

We've cleaned the site up a bit, but kept the overall look.

We're starting the music junkies forum. It's still under maintenance at the moment. We'll let you know when it's ready.

All of the Artist Spotlights and Album Picks have been moved to our blogspot. This is so we can update it easily and so fans can comment.

The music junkies have started an 8track account (website for mixtapes) & we'll be returning to Tumblr to use it as our 2nd blog, but our blogspot will remain our main blog for our official updates.

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